Lab-on-Chip Technology

A lab-on-a-chip (LOC) is a device that integrates one or several laboratory functions on a single chip of only millimetres to a few square centimetres in size. LOCs deal with the handling of extremely small fluid volumes.

Sanwa BioTech Ltd develops self-contained LOC diagnosis platforms such as ALiA (Array Based LED induced fluorescence ImmunoAssay platform). ALiA is a miniaturized solution that consists of a microfluidic cartridge, an optical unit, a control unit and a power supply system, which can run the cartridge without any fluidic interfaces to the instrument. The microfluidic cartridge holds a sensor microarray and integrated microfluidic slide for delivering the specimen and other possible reagents to perform different process steps in a diagnostic test.

The integrated microfluidic slides area technology that fully integrates 6 liquid reservoirs with integrated micropumps, which can be individually emptied in a controlled way. On the top surface of each microscope slide, a Sanwa BioTech Ltd customized protein array is mounted to perform immunoassays.



Immunoassay is a biochemical test that measures the presence or concentration of a macromolecule in a solution through the use of an antibody. The macromolecule detected by the immunoassay is in many cases a protein. The importance and widespread of immunoassay methods in diagnosis of diseases are attributed to their inherent specificity, high-throughput, and high sensitivity for the analysis of wide range of analytes in biological samples.

By combining microfluidics to immunoassay, Sanwa BioTech platform allows speed up the process and multiplexing while keeping the specificity and sensitivity of immunoassay.

This system permits healthcare providers in poorly equipped clinics to perform diagnostic tests with no laboratory support.






The point-of-care platform ALiA is protected by patent worldwide.

The IVD platform provides methods for identifying the presence of multiple infectious diseases in a sample.

The microfluidic system coupled with the immunoassay allows rapid diagnostic and increase the quality of patients care.

Pending instrument patent application.