The company was created in December 2012 from a core team of founders with entrepreneurial spirits and cross-functional backgrounds in business, biotechnology, advanced micromachining & microfluidic Lab On Chip (LOC) platform. Their backgrounds and experiences formed the basis for this concept of bringing forth a rapid diagnostic, mobile platform for faster and more accurate diagnosis for time critical and life threatening diseases. 

At Sanwa BioTech, we believe that impending changes are coming to the way to conventional clinical diagnostic & academic R&D for bio-discoveries. We aim to become a driving force for these changes to revolutionize healthcare solutions into the future. Sanwa BioTech delivers accurate and actionable information through our disposable Lab-On-Chip (LOC) rapid diagnostic platform, resulting in transformative diagnostic tests for faster clinical decisions and better economic outcomes.

  • Dec. 2012: Foundation of Sanwa BioTech Ltd. 
  • Apr. 2013:MoU with Fraunhofer-ENAS
  • Jul. 2013:Launch of Innovation and Technology Support Programme with Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI) on “Novel Lab-On-Chip Diagnostic Application for Rapid Swine Influenza Virus Detection”
  • Nov. 2013:Prototype Design by Creative HK Design of SBT/Artemis through Business Collaboration Scheme
  • Apr. 2014:Release of ALiA Prototype 1.0
  • Jun. 2014:First exhibition of ALiA – Hong Kong Pavilion of BIO San Diego, CA
  • Aug. 2014:Exclusive Licensing Agreement of Fraunhofer-ENAS to Sanwa BioTech Ltd.
  • Oct. 2014:Private launch of ALiA prototype 1.0
  • Nov. 2014:Public launch of ALiA prototype 1.0
  • Apr. 2015:Release of ALiA Prototype 2.0
  • Mar.-Jun. 2015:AIA/Nest accelerator programme
  • Jun. 2015:Winning Prize - Inno China Entrepreneurship Competition 2015
  • Dec. 2015:Silver Award - Hong Kong FITMI Technology Achievement Award
  • Dec. 2015:Winning Prize - Equipment and Machinery Design of 2015 Hong Kong Award for Industries
  • Mar. 2016:Best SME's Award-The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business
  • Apr. 2016:Special award from the Romania and Gold Medal - 44th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva


Simplify and improve our health check and clinical diagnostic outcome. With only a single drop of sample, we focus on combating known and unknown, time critical & life threatening diseases outbreak with a mobile, multi-targets diagnostic platform with accurate results in 15 minutes.  A rapid response and disposable biochip platform can be used in pets, livestock and humans to promote health monitoring at the HAI (Human Animal Interface) in combating infectious diseases outbreak.  This is a surveillance tool for the sentinels, bringing back fast and reliable health screen results during a physician’s visit; we try to save lives in uneventful ways.


In clinical applications, we develop a wide range of rapid diagnostic panels for screening multiple diseases with a single, simple test, including infectious diseases, respiratory, cardiac diseases, renal, liver and sexually transmitted diseases.

For ex-clinical applications, We aim to offer customized solutions on agri-food (animal), pharmaceutical R&D and academic bio-discovery R&D tools and solutions for the detection of specific peptide target, be it pathogenic agent, drug therapeutic target or personalized immune-biomarkers. 



William Yim (MA)

Executive Chairman, CTO

William studied electronics and electrical engineering and focuses on advanced laser solutions for aerospace industries, microelectronics, semiconductor, and optoelectronics industries. He has intensive knowledge and experience on electronics assembly technology, micro joining technology, and industrial laser applications for material processing. He is a well-known specialist in electronic product development and manufacturing solutions for electronics, semiconductors, critical components, and other advanced manufacturing industries.

Kelvin Chiu (MPhil, MBA)


Kelvin has extensive experience in advanced biotechnology & operational strategy. He has been involved in multiple international M&A projects and global integrations including the US$700 million acquisition of Next-Gen sequencer company Ion Torrent. He holds a M. Phil. Degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Hong Kong and a MBA degree from Anderson School of Business UCLA with focus in Operational Strategy & Advanced International Management (AIM).This background has given him extensive experience in pre-clinical project management and transition from prototype commercialization through product launch. Kelvin has in-depth knowledge of business models and cultures in APAC.

Isabelle Dutry (PhD)

Chief Scientist

Focus on virus-host cell interactions, infectious diseases and immunology. Isabelle has 15 years of International Experience abroad, from France to Hong Kong via Cambodia and Vietnam, in the Institute Pasteur International Network and Biotech companies.

Siu Mei Lee

General Manager

With 19 years of experience in company policy, financial management, sales, marketing and production monitoring. She also has Intensive experience in technological marketing and strategy. She now focuses on administration, financial management, and human resources.


William Yim


• President, Hong Kong Critical Components Manufacturers Association
• Deputy Chairman, Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries
• Deputy Chairman, Hong Kong Electronics and Technologies Association
• Vice President, Hong Kong Opto-mechatronics Industries Association
• Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Brand Protection Alliance
• Advisory Committee Member, Electronics and Electrical Appliance, Hong Kong Trade Development Council
• Vice President and Service Chair of Rotary Club of Tai Po, District 3450 Awards
• 2013 Governor Award for the industry
• 4 invention patents, 60 other patents

Mr Ying Tze-wah, Joey (MSc)

Vice Chairman

• BSc (CUHK, Bio/Biochem), MSc (AIT, Environmental Engineering)
• President, ECCO Engineering Co Ltd
• President, Beijing Envirotec Co Ltd
• Former Managing Director, Veolia Water Systems China Ltd
• Former Managing Director, USFilter China Ltd
• Delegate of Tianjin Municipal Committee, The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

Kelvin Chiu (MPhil, MBA)


• Background in Molecular Biology, International Business Management & Operational Strategy.
• Pathology & Genome Core R&D Manager for Children Hospital at Los Angeles (CHLA).
• M&A APAC integrations for Life Technologies (Acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific).
• 6 M biotech companies M&A integrations & commercial launch in APAC (>US$700 mil) including Ion Torrent, GenArts, etc.
• MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Business, M. Phil of Molecular Biology at The University of Hong Kong.

Wong Ming Yam , SBS, BBS, JP

Non-executive Director

Founding Director of InnoLink Investments Limited
Director, or Non Executive Director of several technology companies
Chairman, CreateSmart Initiative ( CSI ) Vetting Committee of Create Hong Kong
Honorary Chairman , Hong Kong Electronics and Technologies Association
Honorary Chairman, Hong Kong Critical Components Manufacturers Association
Former Chairman, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute
Former Director, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
Former Council Member and Deputy Chairman, Hong Kong Productivity Council
Former Senior Vice President of Royal Philips Electronics



Prof Thomas Geßner, Chemnitz, Germany

Director Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems (ENAS).

Prof Thomas Otto, Chemnitz, Germany

Deputy Director of Fraunhofer ENAS and Head of Department of Multi Device Integration.

Dr Jörg Nestler, Chemnitz, Germany

Managing Director of Bi-Flow systems - Fraunhofer ENAS Multi Device Integration, Fluidic Integration and System Technologies.

Prof Ho Pui, Aaron Ho, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

B.Eng, PhD (Nottingham), CEng, CPhys, MIEEE, MSPIE, MOSA

Prof Weijia Wen, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Director of Joint KAUST-HKUST Micro/Nano-Fluidics Laboratory, Department of Physics.

Prof K.L. Yung, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Professor and Associate Head, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.




Sanwa Biotech intends to promote a rapid and accurate point of care diagnostic assay based on peptide detection on a LOC platform. We are looking for creative, interested individuals to join our multidisciplinary team. For questions regarding employment please contact hr@sanwabiotech.com

Message from our interns

Nikunj Agarwal

Bachelor of Engineering in Bio-engineering
City University of Hong Kong
( May2018 - August2018)

Interning at Sanwa BioTech over the summer and being a part of the R&D life science team was a very fruitful experience. I gained thorough hands on experience on different bio-chemistry techniques and also operational dexterity in fast paced laboratory environments. It also gave me vital insight into functional rubrics of a Bio-tech company and how different departments collaborate to bring a product to the market.

Alex Koh

Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry
University of Texas at Austin
(May 2018- July 2018)

My Internship at Sanwa over the summer really opened me up to company life, revealing how one operates and interacts to get its products into the market. Furthermore, working under R&D allowed me to experience new microarray techniques that I feel are quite unique. I’ve learned much about medical devices and its huge potential to the future.

Mike Dorothea

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
(June 2018 - Aug 2018)

Being a part of the life sciences R&D team at Sanwa Biotech was a very fruitful experience as it allows me to learn and take part in bringing scientific discoveries into the market. I’m also very grateful for the people I’ve met here who have given me invaluable insights about what I can do with my degree in the future.

Henry Chan

Bachelor of Philosophy
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(June 2018)

Although the knowledge I learnt from my specific major may not be directly related to this field, all the colleagues are willing to teach me and provide me opportunities to explore new things. Working in SBT for such a great month, I really gain a lot.

Lindsey Gil

Bachelor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of California, Davis
(July 2017-Sep 2017)

I'm grateful that the staffs in the R&D and marketing departments took me under their wings to teach me what their goal is and how they are accomplishing it. Their patience and commitment to coach me is what allowed me to learn so much.

Mandy Lee

Bachelor of Pharmacology
University College London
(July 2017- Aug 2017)

Not only did I have the chance to make use of my knowledge from class to practical basis, I have also gained hands-on experience in using microarray devices under the guidance of professionals. I believe this experience has built a solid foundation for my future career in the fields of life science.

Matthew Lee

Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering
The University of Hong Kong
(July 2017- Sep 2017)

Sanwa Biotech provided me with a great chance to gain some insight and experience the procedures in preparing a medical device for sale. On the other hand, I was able to apply and practice what I learnt from university when I was working in the engineering team.

Ziuwin Leung

Bachelor of Biotechnology
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
(June2017- Aug 2017)

I am humbled by the opportunity Sanwa Biotech has given me, not only because of the exposure and experiences that came with it, but hugely because of the people I’ve met who has given me valuable insights of the field that I wouldn't have been able to find elsewhere.

Kharis Daniel Setiasabda

Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
(June 2017- Aug 2017)

My internship in Sanwa Biotech broadened my understanding of biotechnologies as it connects the scientific R&D stage, legal regulation stage and the business stage together.

Mathilde Lagarde

Master of Biochemical Engineering
INSA - National institute of Applied Sciences
(April 2017 - June 2017)

I broadened my understanding of immunoassay platforms and biotechnologies in general and it gave me a strong foundation and valuable experience for my future career.

Priscilla W Wong

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering
University of Texas at Austin
(June2016- July2016)

I really appreciated the tight-knit community at Sanwa Biotech; it's not often that the CEO of a company makes time to talk to you! My internship at Sanwa Biotech gave me great memories of Hong Kong, admiration for start-up companies, and more knowledge and experience.

Tung Nguyen

Bachelor of Biology
Drexel University
(June 2015- Sep 2015)

Learning is continuous at Sanwa Biotech as they try to improve and perfect their product. I work under the R&D department, yet, I’m able to observe and ask questions about the operation of other departments within Sanwa Biotech.


Sanwa Biotech is a start-up that intends to promote a rapid and accurate point of care diagnostic assay based on peptide detection on a LOC platform. If you are an Accredited Investor interested in investing in our start-up, please contact us using our contact form.

Thank you for considering Sanwa BioTech as a potential portfolio investment.